We do not have affiliations with hotels or accommodation rentals. However we would be happy to recommend or offer opinions about various villages and accommodation options. We would also be happy to recommend places to ride. Call or e-mail your request including what type of riding you want to do, length of rides you prefer and any other information that will help us recommend the most suitable routes.
If possible return the bike to Bedoin. We will correct any problems that are not a result of accident or misuse without cost and get you back on the road as soon as possible. If repairs cannot be made quickly a replacement bike will be provided. If it is not possible to return to Bedoin call and describe the problem. You can take the bike to the nearest bike shop and you will be reimbursed your costs for authorized repairs when the bike is returned.
Insurance is not provided. Renters are responsible for any damage to the bikes (excluding any minor nicks or scratches). Renters are liable for the replacement cost should the bike be lost or stolen.
Our rental system is based on calendar days. If you pick up your bike Monday at 9 am and bring it back Tuesday at 2 pm, that’s a two-day rental. In order to be considered as a 1 day rental, bikes must be picked up and returned the same day (our hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm). If you want to pick-up your bike or have your bike delivered at 6:00pm and after, please add 25% to your 1 day rental cost. Also it is important to note that during months of July and August bike pick up around 6:00pm includes an extra cost of 1/2 day rental.
All our bikes come standard with : 1 pump 2 bottle cages except on 15" hybrid bikes which have only one bottle cage mount 1 waterbottle 1 saddlebag including extra innertube, tire levers, multi-tool 1 bike speed computer ( actual speed, average speed, max speed, daily distance, total distance) on Trek Premium Elite cadence is included.
Yes we deliver bikes to almost any direction in France and even neighbouring countries like Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium. We'd be very happy to send you a quote on any request you may have.