• Please carefully choose the bike you want to ride, as we might not be able to swap it for a different model if you realise that you want to change for a different one, once in Vaison La Romaine.
  • In any case if we can swap the bike , it will come as an extra charge of €95,00 on top of rental cost to cover delivery fees. No refund in case of downgrading.
  • Our staff will be present on delivery to help you with bike settings. Please inform us beforehand, if you plan on bringing some of your own parts as saddle, pedals , mirror, rear racks, seatpost, stem etc. so we can make sure there’s no incompatibility with our bikes.
  • Bike measurements. It’s important that you inform this field in form. Please take time to carefully check our diagram and take measurements from your own bike. Don’t send us bike fittings from third party companies, our staff will only consider our A – B and C measurements on bike preparation.
  • During your stay with Provence Land of Color, our staff will support you in case of technical issues with our bike. You will be given a phone number to reach and arrange a meeting with our technician.
  • Any other request not related to a technical issue will be subject to a €95,00 fee.


Provence: Land of Color & Light 2024

Provence: Land of Color & Light 2024

Bikes will be delivered on the morning of May 16th at a time and location to be determined and communicated by Cycling Friends, LLC and within walking distance of our hotel in Vaison La Romaine. Bike collection will be in the mid to late afternoon of May 24th with exact times and location to be determined and communicated by Cycling Friends, LLC.

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Feel free to add comments or any information related to your rental request.