Etape Annemasse - Morzine July 9 2023

  • Bikes will be available for you to pick-up in Annemasse from July 7th in the morning (exact location and time tbc in next weeks).
  • Our staff will be available for last minute bike settings and/or help you out with installing your own components and accessories if necessary.
  • Bikes to be dropped off in Morzine before 10:00pm on July 9th. If bikes are brought back to our booth afterwards or if we need to come and collect somewhere else you will be charged an extra.
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IMPORTANT: Bike pictured in package is for illustration only. Package selection is for same or equivalent bike.
  • Pick-up address in Annemasse tbc in next weeks.
  • Dropoff address in Morzine tbc in next weeks.


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Insurance Policies

You are fully responsible for the bike from the time you pick it up until the time you return it.  You are responsible for any damage, loss or theft of or to the bike.  You are responsible for the repair or replacement of the bike, wheels or parts that are missing or damaged. A security deposit will be required on bike pick-up.
We have optional insurance available.  The cost for such insurance for an Ironman event is €95,00 with a €450,00 deductible applied (so all losses attributed to damage above €450,00 are covered by the insurance).
Normal wear and tear is not covered.  Calculation of loss will be based on the full retail price of the bike in the event of theft or irreparable damage.  In the event of damage which can be repaired (at our absolute discretion) the loss will be calculated by reference to the cost of such repair.

I opt for Insurance @ €95,00


Feel free to add comments or any information related to your rental request.