Haute Route 2024

France Bike Rentals

is proud to be the Official Bike Rental Company for  Haute Route 2024 series.

Rental Packages


All packages include delivery on the day before stage 1 , technical assistance and concierge service (see below) during event. Our staff will be present one hour before the start of every stage and will be waiting for you at the end of every stage at our booth in Haute Route Village, to take care of your rental bike.

During the booking process you will be asked to enter information on your bike fitting, choice of pedals and various options so that your rental experience is as successful as possible.
FBR will service the bike and ensure that it is in optimum riding condition.
Your responsibility:  The bike is rented to you in good faith that you will look after it as if it were your own.
We ask that you always store the bike sensibly and lock it when unattended (a lock will be supplied on request).
When riding your bike we ask that you don’t take any unnecessary risks.

Concierge Service

During the event we offer a full concierge service including technical assistance, cleaning and maintenance of your bike (not including spare parts that would need to be changed). This service is available from the day preceding the first stage of event until last day at the end of the stage. This also includes assembling and de-assembling of bike for those of you travelling with their own bike cases.

NOTE: Bike Rental includes Concierge Service

Rental Packages & Concierge Service Rates


  • Package #1 @ €1375,00
  • Package #2 @ €1095,00
  • Package #3 @ €965,00
  • Package #4 @ €785,00

Concierge Service 

  • @ €325,00



  • Package #1 @ €975,00
  • Package #2 @ €825,00
  • Package #3 @ €690,00
  • Package #4 @ €560,00

Concierge Service 

  • @ €235,00